If you are one of the millions of tourists visiting London each week, and if you are looking to find some peace and quiet from bustling London town, then booking yourself in for an amazing tantric massage in London might seem like a great idea. And it is!

But… Where to start, where to look, who to trust.

The best place to start is actually two places.

Google. Go for the establishments that appear on page one of Google is usually a good bet, although always use your own judgement upon arrival to the establishment.

The other best place to look, is any high street, which usually boasts more than one reputable massage parlour in London. Go for parlours that are on the main high street, these are legitimate and offer all types of massage and therapies for male and females.

London can be a fun and perfectly safe place to holiday. However if you stray in to less than classy areas, including some streets in the infamous Soho, you might get more than you bargained for. Do your research properly. Stick to google reviews or the high street and you should find yourself floating away in to massage paradise.