Great Accommodation = Great Trip
Who among you have already gone to a trip all excited, only for that excitement to be dampened by the fact that you arrived at a terrible hotel? For sure, there are already a lot of people out there whose trip disappointments stemmed from unappealing accommodations. As such, a great place to stay during your travels is really crucial for the enjoyment of the whole trip. After all, it is at your lodging that you want to rest from the rigours of the day’s sightseeing activities. It would be very bad indeed if at the end of the day all you find is an unappealing room at a hotel run by people who do not understand customer service!

However, no matter how a lot of tourists voice out their need for quality lodgings, a lot of people in the tourism accommodation industry still do not understand this. This is really too bad because if they realized the value of providing superb and affordable accommodations, there business would have long ago flourished. If you take a look at some of the small but successful lodgings here in Cebu, you will surely learn a lesson or two. Even though they are small establishments, they still do well because they make sure to satisfy every tenant. Sure the rooms are comfortably small but they are clean, well ventilated, affordable, and will certainly provide a traveller his needed rest. Clearly, it is not hard to gain customers if you pay enough attention to the quality of the lodging services you are offering.

Many people who travel to the Philippines end up in Cebu City and almost invariably end up looking at Cebu condos for sale as the price is cheap and the location is perfect for many of the best beaches in the world. I would certainly have a go and it is both a great investment and retirement opportunity.  If you are inclined this way also search for houses and lots for sale in Mactan which is the small island next to Cebu on which the international airport is located. You benefit from the sea breeze and only a short taxi journey into the city  – the best of both worlds.